Do You Need a Ghostwriter?


Do you have a ton of ideas you’ve been meaning to write about? Do you have the opportunity to publish something and no time to write? Do you wish you were better at organizing your thoughts? Would you share your ideas if you could write better? Is your career limited by your ability to create quality written content?

Did reading all that just now make you kind of sweaty? Are you currently muttering to yourself about how you can totally handle this writing stuff on your own? Have you been telling yourself that for a while now? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may need a ghostwriter.

Ghostwriters are facilitators. We help bring projects to fruition. I often meet people A busy calendar.who say “I’ve been meaning to get x and y written, but I keep putting it off.” Maybe you don’t have time. Maybe you’re not a great writer. Maybe you’re stuck for some other reason. A ghostwriter will get you unstuck, move you forward, re-inspire you, boost your confidence and most importantly, get your writing project done.

Some of you are saying, yeah, but really, I can do this myself. The problem with that line of reasoning is that sure, I bet you actually could do it yourself, but at what cost? How long will it take you to get your writing done? And when it’s finally done, will it be as good as you’d like it to be? Perhaps even more important, which of your current responsibilities will you need to ignore in order to make room for writing?

Here’s the thing… It’s not cheating to hire a ghostwriter. You have natural talents and abilities, and you should be focusing on those. If writing’s not your strongest suit, consider outsourcing it, in the same way you’d outsource a managerial role or an accounting job. A good ghostwriter will help you get your thoughts organized and in Postitmost cases expand on them. As you untangle your ideas with the help of a ghostwriter, connections that were previously obscured will come into focus, so you can include them in your writing
narrative. It’s sort of like doing a bunch of weed whacking and raking that results in you discovering beautiful young buds you’d planted but forgotten about that are suddenly ready to spring out of the ground.

crocusesHonor your own expertise while appreciating those of a good ghostwriter. Spend your time and energy effectively, by focusing on what you do really well, and leave the writing to someone who can do a great job, quickly. It will be a collaboration you’ll truly appreciate.

If you’d like to chat more about hiring a ghostwriter, send me an email.


The Multi-Voice of the Ghostwriter


How is it that I can write in your voice? I mean, it’s not like I’ve known you my whole life or anything. It’s also not that there are only a few different voices in the world, and I’ve simply memorized them. Nope. We’re all snowflakes, thank goodness, so writing in someone else’s voice requires intuition, and you can’t be tentative about it. You’ve got to get in there, and inhabit someone else’s head. Talk the way they talk, care about the things they care about, convincingly.

It’s a lot like acting. You have a sense of who your character is and you channel that. Brooklyn_Museum_-_Actor_Reading_a_Scroll_-_Utagawa_Toyokuni_III_(Kunisada)You figure it out the same way you would if you were playing a certain role in a movie. How does your character fit into the world? How do they dress? What’s their favorite food? Where did they grow up? What’s most important to them? How do they feel in your mouth? I’ve made it sound like sex, just there, and of course it’s not, but it IS intimate. I swim around in your head, collecting ideas and then dress the ideas up in the clothing of the persona you’re trying to share with the public.

1200px-Kopfkrauler_schraegobenSo there’s trust happening, and my job is to help you give me access to your mind and keep it feeling comfortable. That part is a bit like being a massage therapist, in particular when they use that  instrument to massage your head. I believe it’s called the Orgasmatron? Anyway, the interaction should feel good, satisfying, and for the most part, be easy. I think many writers are pretty shy, and their facility with writing from multiple points of view is a result of their lived experience being about observing others more than connecting with them. With ghostwriting, I write from your point of view, but the approach is different, because there’s an interaction happening between us, which is great because I don’t happen to be shy, so that collaboration is a wonderful antidote to the solitude of writing.

Lots of times I’m not particularly familiar with your area of expertise, so there’s lots ofmagnifyingglass detective work, which keeps what I do intellectually challenging. I enjoy research and learning. The process of going from having only a very basic idea of what you do, to getting my bearings on the landscape of your field and figuring out how you fit into it, is great fun for me. Reading material on similar topics from the publication that will feature your work, is helpful, especially when it comes to adopting the proper professional vernacular and writerly flow. Talking on the phone, exchanging emails and meeting up in person are also useful in helping me understand your voice. It’s all part of fleshing out this character (you) that I’m going to become for a while.

However, even if you’ve never published, even if we’ve never met in person, or spoken on the phone, I can work out how to write in a voice that you’ll be happy to call your own. Research, intuition, “listening” carefully and asking the right questions are the tools I use to create content to which you’ll confidently attach your name.

To find out more about working together, contact me here.

How I Became a Ghostwriter

People sometimes ask me how I became a ghostwriter. 315419_10100773042373748_1360882290_nI didn’t do it on purpose. I did it because I like helping people. It’s what’s most compelling for me. Young writers are taught that developing an authentic voice is of paramount importance. Your voice should be inimitable. And wise. And you better be full of courage because you’ll be divulging your deepest feelings. Virginia Woolf said, “Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.”

And then there’s that quote by Allen Ginsberg where he says “To gain your own voice, you have to forget about having it heard.” Ok, so don’t over-think the whole voice thing. Wait, but what if I’m already obsessed with the idea that I may never find my voice? Does that mean it’s already too late? Yes, I love writing, but let’s cancel the whole thing because I’m pretty sure I’ve shot myself in the foot with all this worrying. Crap…

Anyway, one day a friend asked me for help with some writing. She had great ideas but not much writing ability, and wondered if I could organize her thoughts and turn her ideas into articles that people could read and enjoy. I’d have to learn about the subject matter she specialized in, and then write the articles in her voice, not my own. Could I do that?

It never occurred to me to say no, or wonder whether or not I’d be good at this. It sounded completely reasonable. I’d learn all about a new subject matter and get to help out a friend by creating content for her that she couldn’t create herself. Writing in her voice seemed like it would be easy. I’d pay attention to the way she spoke and the things she liked and how she felt about the world, and in doing so, I’d get a sense of her voice. Somehow I just knew I’d be good at this, and I was.

Being a writer is typically a pretty solitary gig, but with ghostwriting, I get to collaborate with the person I’m writing for, and the better I’m able to connect, the better the finished piece turns out. It’s a bit like acting. I take on another person’s persona, and create a narrative in their voice, representing them in the best way possible. It’s a wonderful service to provide to remarkable people who either have no time to write themselves or lack the confidence / skill to churn out quality writing.

I get to be an intuitive people person, a curious researcher and a savvy wordsmith. It’s dynamic work and the immediacy of turning my client’s ideas into beautiful writing is extremely gratifying for us both.

So how does it work, exactly? Tune in next week and I’ll explain the ways in which I typically ghostwrite for clients…