Getting Unstuck – The Gift of Collaboration

We all get stuck. We’ve got a great chaosidea but we can’t get lift-off, or we’re in the middle of a job and hit a patch of doldrums. We flail around, feeling confused and frustrated, wondering why we thought this project was something worth doing. Lots of my clients come to me in this state- sort of fuzzy-headed and a bit demoralized… You’ve been scratching your head, asking yourself… “Could it be that I’m not smart enough to pull this off?” My answer: “You’re wonderful. Most likely you’re just too close to the bull’s eye.”

woodland-656969_640The world needs your ideas and what you need is some outside perspective. Enter the ghostwriter. The ghostwriter is an invisible collaborator who functions like a gardener for your brain. We notice where you’re stuck and clear away the dead leaves on your path, so you can see where you’re headed again. We drain ponds to ungunk all the algae, so your project runs clear. We advise that you drink lots of water and we make jokes about new leaves. We turn the soil to help you unearth your own brilliant ideas.

Ideas are like plants, some are delicate, some are thorny, sometimes they sprout like weeds, and other times it seems that no amount of water and sun will convince a new concept to take root and grow. You’ve been going around in circles for weeks with this one idea and the more you try to get it out, the more stuck you become. Just when you think you’re ready to spit it out, a new tendril emerges, adding dimensionality, while simultaneously throwing things into a tangle of confusion. Disassembled-rubix-1You’re amassing all this content but it’s overwhelming and now you’re not just stuck, you’re queasy and sweaty and making a face like you smell something gross. Great ideas need to be nurtured and carefully tended. The editorial perspective of a ghostwriter is part bad cop part muse. We honor your talent and also call you on your shit.

1800-dartboard-with-three-darts-in-bullseye-pvSo, if you’re stuck, stop wasting your energy worrying about feeling burned out and start collaborating with a ghostwriter. A good ghostwriter will make you feel smarter than you are and help you get your project done. If you’d like to talk more about collaboration, finishing your project and feeling like a genius, contact me here.


Do You Need a Ghostwriter?


Do you have a ton of ideas you’ve been meaning to write about? Do you have the opportunity to publish something and no time to write? Do you wish you were better at organizing your thoughts? Would you share your ideas if you could write better? Is your career limited by your ability to create quality written content?

Did reading all that just now make you kind of sweaty? Are you currently muttering to yourself about how you can totally handle this writing stuff on your own? Have you been telling yourself that for a while now? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may need a ghostwriter.

Ghostwriters are facilitators. We help bring projects to fruition. I often meet people A busy calendar.who say “I’ve been meaning to get x and y written, but I keep putting it off.” Maybe you don’t have time. Maybe you’re not a great writer. Maybe you’re stuck for some other reason. A ghostwriter will get you unstuck, move you forward, re-inspire you, boost your confidence and most importantly, get your writing project done.

Some of you are saying, yeah, but really, I can do this myself. The problem with that line of reasoning is that sure, I bet you actually could do it yourself, but at what cost? How long will it take you to get your writing done? And when it’s finally done, will it be as good as you’d like it to be? Perhaps even more important, which of your current responsibilities will you need to ignore in order to make room for writing?

Here’s the thing… It’s not cheating to hire a ghostwriter. You have natural talents and abilities, and you should be focusing on those. If writing’s not your strongest suit, consider outsourcing it, in the same way you’d outsource a managerial role or an accounting job. A good ghostwriter will help you get your thoughts organized and in Postitmost cases expand on them. As you untangle your ideas with the help of a ghostwriter, connections that were previously obscured will come into focus, so you can include them in your writing
narrative. It’s sort of like doing a bunch of weed whacking and raking that results in you discovering beautiful young buds you’d planted but forgotten about that are suddenly ready to spring out of the ground.

crocusesHonor your own expertise while appreciating those of a good ghostwriter. Spend your time and energy effectively, by focusing on what you do really well, and leave the writing to someone who can do a great job, quickly. It will be a collaboration you’ll truly appreciate.

If you’d like to chat more about hiring a ghostwriter, send me an email.